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The Significance of the Insignificant

I have been somewhat challenged over the last mmmmm 2 months to post. My brothers and sisters in the blogging community have being showering me with Grace - and encouraging me to post. Like I have anything that they would want to read... At the moment things have been crazy! Yet my brothers and sisters feel compelled to offer such grace and encouragement to "just put it in your diary". Everyone knows if it's not in your list, it won't ever get done.

I do have a friend (well he may not be my friend after this post...) whom shall remain anonymous (much respect ;-) ) has no problems posting nearly every single day. Thus I thought wouldn't be great to get paid to post, like as a job. And on the odd occasion sell a few records... Whom thought that my insignificant ramblings would be to someone else, well, significant ramblings. Then it dawned on me - how much other stuff is well insignificant, but then in the blink of an eye - becomes very significant.

I was somewhat shocked at how many things I could name that fell into this category, or vice-versa. The significant "big" meeting, exam, work do, even a date that turned out to be, well insignificant. I Also then looked at how things became significant. Usually there was some change in the universe that cause a reaction that not only changed the ball park, but the game too. Some of the examples that I read in a book about people who work in the twin towers on 9/11. People that are still alive today through some insignificant event - spilling their drink and having to change, having to get change for the subway, even missing the train/bus to even having your baby give you a nice fat baby badge. All these seemingly insignificant events are now truly remembered in time. Then I thought, what about me and God. mmmmm.

I have always had a "mission" philosophy towards my faith. I truly believed that God has a plan for me and well all need to do is wait for take off. I have always had this idea of being on a space mission, ready to take off and do my thing. Yet each day I go through the preparations, put on my space suit, buckle into the shuttle and get ready for take off. Inevitably the mission always gets scrubbed. Bad whether, mechanical or technical difficulties. Sometimes I don't even know why - it's just cancelled. As this can happen all the time, you get "programmed" to wait for the significant event.

But then I thought, what if the space mission I think is the "mission" is truly not the "mission". What if my mission was to be Christ to what I thought were the insignificant people helping me to get to space. Perhaps I could be helping the doctor who checks me out each time I prep for take off. Or perhaps the mission controller I speak to every minute. What I think is insignificance has now become very significant.

Then I thought, who are these insignificant people in my life today? Perhaps someone I see on the bus? Someone at work? My neighbor's? My family? People I don't even know? This has had quite the profound affect on me. I now actively look for the insignificant, for now I know how significant this may be.

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