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Greatest ROI

For those of you outside IT/IS and business levels, ROI is a term that stands for
Return on Investment

It is quite a common term which it's basic philosphy is what gain am I going to get for that cost?

When I was flicking through I found an intersting post about the best ROI for church growth.

If you want to build your church, you need to put your best with the kids.

If you love people’s kids, you’ll get their time and attention.

This was at this year’s C3 Conference, Dr. Ed Young of Second Baptist Church (Houston, TX) shared his thoughts on the link between church growth and children’s ministry

This was interesting to me becasue of the timing. cession|community run a Easter Egg Hunt where we were budgeting on 50 kids attending. We had 104 kids turn up.

I guess now we know we can get their attention, the next step is to reflect God's love to the kids.

I have always wanted to atttend a C3 conference I have a DVD of the 2nd conference which featured Ed Young, Greg Laurie and Andy Stanley.

I have just order the DVD's for 2006 & 2005. Can't wait to check em out.

Don't worry hun, comapny expense - Professional Development


It's been awhile since my last post but I found this on a new blog I found today


It's odd but:

-when we are at work we look forward to home/leisure time. And yet when we are at home we worry about work. Decide that wherever you are, you will be there.
Be here now.

-the more we earn, the more we spend. Decide to manage your finances and build your financial independence.

-we spend a lot of time buying stuff to make us happy although we know that want we really want is some time to ourself.
Decide to be time-rich rather than stuff-rich and time-poor.

-we want to be happy so we buy the porshe (err Audi) because it will make us feel young again and will atttract the girls and that will make us happy.
Why not simply decide to be happy?

-we put a load of money into our pension fund, but we have no idea what it will provide for us.
Ask questions.

Check out more here

The other post that got my attention is

S is Success

Help your child understand what success really is. Increasingly society will seduce them into believing it is money, fame and stuff. Ironically most who acquire those find they do not really help at all.

Help your son or daughter to realise true success is doing what they are passionate about. To achieve that they will have to put aside much 'good' advice of others and learn to be true to themselves. You can help them have courage in this area.

Check it out here

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