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Cry Mercy

After the events that occurred last Tuesday at Elim Christian College, I have been trying hard to process. My father in law is the DP at ECC and although I didn't personally know any of the victims, being separated by 1 degree has given me an inside view of things - much closer than I would have gotten from just the media.

As the victims get laid to rest and I struggle with the why, I have been drawn to a song by David Crowder. It helps me - I don't know how - it just does. Here are the lyrics, but the dynamics of the song excel passed the sum of the lyrics so I encourage you try and listen to it.


Cry Mercy

I will wait
I will wait for Your peace
I will wait
I will wait and You comfort me

I lift my head
I lift my heart, my soul
I lift my hands
I give myself, my life my all

And I cry mercy Lord
A cry of freedom to be heard
And I cry mercy Lord
A cry of freedom from this world
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4.00am phone call

Apart from being cold this morning, I got a phone call @ 4.00am. Not as bad as you might think as my alarm goes off at 4.30am - but anyways back to the call - it was our neighbor and good friend - Josh.

Hey Reuben it's Josh, Becca's contractions are 5 mins apart. I'm gonna jump in the shower and bring Cail over

Exciting I replied. So I set up the porta cot for Cail - but had to think why Josh did you need to wait till they were 5 mins apart???

They then found out the the Maternity hospital at Kura was full - so off to hotel birthcare - so traffic was a breeze.

They made it at 5.00am and Averie Mae was born at 6.09am This morning! Praise the Lord!


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